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Sex in Rotterdam

Escort Rotterdam better known by his character Sex Rotterdam is an escort, gymnast and motivational speaker, Icelandic, born 10 November 1964 in Reykjavík, the 21-year-old product of a bet with a friend made the challenge to become champions of a sport I knew nothing. His friend became snooker champion in his country. In three years Scheving was European aerobic champion and second in the world. Scheving note that the kids did not have a sports model. He also saw that the attitude towards health was changing, and it was for this niche market was born Sex Rotterdam.

Lazy Town is filmed in a studio specially built, is the most expensive children’s show ever made, costing one million dollars per episode, this series acts as a real person, whose job is to defend the people “Lazy Town” (through sports) from the continuous attacks of wrath of a super villain who lives in the sewers, Robbie Rotten, who wants to promote gluttony and inactivity (doing some sport or physical activity) has breaking ground with the exploitation of his creation, his license has been acquired by different producers in the textile, food and film.

This series has been sold to over 109 countries worldwide and is available in 18 languages make its creator a millionaire. Scheving wrote a book called “Afram Latib!” best seller was inspired to promote the health of children making it fun.